Fiddlers Lane Community Primary School
Fiddlers Lane, Irlam, Manchester M44 6QE
TEL: 0161 921 1700
EMAIL: [email protected]


As the virus spread continues to rise across the country, it is increasingly important that we all do our bit to keep ourselves and each other safe. 

We continue to notify you via email and/or the school app as soon as we are updated with new information and guidance.

We are very proud of the way our pupils are dealing with changes as they are implemented and thank you for your support as parents.

Hopefully, if we all continue to follow the guidance, wash hands, wear masks when required and socially distance then we will see an end to this more quickly.



If you’re worried about the impact of coronavirus on your mental health, you are not alone.

The COVID-19 pandemic is an uncertain time for all of us, so it is only natural that it will affect our mental health in different ways.
However you are feeling right now is valid. With the right help and support, we can get through this situation.