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The Green Safety Team

The Health & Safety Coucil are now known as The Green Safety Team – TGST.

To become a member we held a competition in which the children had to identify hazards on a picture and then tell us why they wanted to be on the team. Once we had elected our team we held a meeting to pick our name and logo and everyone received a membership card.

We have discussed safety issues around the school and they also act as ambassadors for safety by identifying any issues raised by other children.We have a notice board outside Mr Whitehouse’s room where we promote our adventures.

We held our first meeting and carried out some important work at the front of the school – “deadheading” the flowers. This is where the dead or fading flowers of a plant are removed to encourage longer blooming and make the plant look nicer. I’m sure you will agree that they did a great job in brightening up the front of the school.


The second part of our meeting involved pulling up carrots which were planted by last year’s team members. These carrots had been planted in a small pot, with poor soil and not given enough water in an experiment to highlight the need to look after plants. There were some very strange looking carrots and their colouring was not very nice. Everyone agreed that it is very important that vegetables, (and humans), need the right amount of care to grow correctly.

Our Green Safety Team members for this academic year are:

(coming soon)


Blue Peter Green Badges

A huge congratulations to last year’s TGST team who have received their Blue Peter green badges for the good work they did around school.

They allow the holders to free access to over 200 attractions such as Blackpool Pleasure beach and Alton Towers.

Keep up the good work


Carrot Harvesting

In May the TGST members planted carrot seeds that were donated to us by Holly Court Gardening club, by September these were ready for harvesting and both Reception and Year 1 spent a morning with me carrot ‘pulling’.

Everybody had a great time and it was very exciting to see how big the carrots were when they were pulled out and everyone got to taste how delicious these home grown vegetables were.

The flowers that are growing along the front fence line were also planted by TGST after being grown from seedlings provided by Holly Court Gardening.



Our Junior PCSOs are:

(coming soon)

The children in Y6 had the opportunity to apply to be Junior PCSOs. There are 2 posts, and they work in pairs along with Mark Hutton, our PCSO, to help improve parking around school.

Remember, dismount from scooters/bikes at the school gate, no parking on the yellow markings outside the school ground, and no smoking or dogs in the school grounds. Thank you for supporting them in their new role.

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Please contact the school office if you have not received your personal invite.