Fiddlers Lane Community Primary School
Fiddlers Lane, Irlam, Manchester M44 6QE
TEL: 0161 921 1700
EMAIL: [email protected]


Welcome to EYFS

This year, your child will be working with Mrs Rattigan, (Monday-Wednesday) Mrs Doherty, (Wednesday-Friday) Mrs Parish and Mrs McDonagh.

 Over the year, we will cover lots of fun topics. Our first topic will be ‘Marvellous Me’. We will also have a focus on Nursery Rhymes and Traditional Tales.


Kit Bags and PE Kit

Please ensure your child has a named kit bag with at least one spare full set of clothes, including socks and underwear. This is in case of toileting accidents as well as for messy activities.

Nursery’s PE day will be on a Monday morning. Until half term, we will just be removing our shoes and socks. Please practice this at home.

Reception’s PE day will be on a Thursday morning. Your child should wear their correct PE to school. The PE kit consists of trainers, dark coloured shorts/jogging bottoms and a plain white T-shirt, which are clearly labelled with your child’s name. After PE, the children need to change back into their school uniforms. Please bring this in a labelled bag to school on a Thursday morning. 

Playtime & Snacks

Toast and Fruit

We offer toast in the mornings. If you would like your child to have toast, please pre-pay using ParentPay each half term. Your child will be offered a piece of fruit each day, usually in the afternoon.

Milk and Water Bottles

Milk in Nursery Class is free. Please let us know if you do not wish your child to have milk. There is no charge for milk for children under 5 years old, however if your child is five or above in September 2022 you are required to pay for their milk via ParentPay. Milk is free if you are entitled to benefit related free school meals, however you need to advise the office team, if you would like your child adding to the milk list, this is not done automatically to prevent waste.  

Your child should bring their own, named water bottle and we ask you to take it home at the end of the day and bring it back refreshed the next day. Children should only be drinking water throughout the day. Water is always available.

Dinner times

Dinner time is 11:30am. All Reception children are entitled to a government funded universal free school meal. Children can preselect their meals at home, on ParentPay.

Entrance to School

Children will enter the classroom through the door opposite the wooden climbing frame, at the back of school. The children come in at 8:50am and the register is taken at 8:55am. If you arrive after this time, please come in via the main office where you will sign your child in and explain why they are late.

The children are encouraged to come in independently, complete a morning task and sit down. At home time, the door will be open at 3:25pm.

Please do not allow your children to play on any of the equipment before or after School, for health and safety reasons.


Reading and Homework

Reading and Library

We place great emphasis on books and storytelling, and your role in this is also very important. It is recommended that children share stories and books for 20 minutes per day to improve their language and communication skills. We would greatly appreciate it if you would read a book with your child each night.

 Your child should have a book-bag to bring to school each day. We will use it to send home school library books, reading books and artwork etc and school letters. We will change their library books on Wednesdays.  Please ensure your child brings it back the following week so they can swap it for a new one for you to share at home.

 In the first term, Reception will be given a school reading book. This should be shared with an adult and a comment recorded in their reading record. 

School Uniform

Please remember to label your child’s uniform, especially their jumpers, cardigans and coats.

School Fund

School fund is 50p per week. Please contribute through ParentPay each half term. Please remember this, as it helps subsidise trips and buy equipment for the children, such as certificates and playtime games.

If you have any queries or questions then please come in and see us before or after school. If neither of those times are available, please contact the office to make an appointment.

We hope your children will be very happy in Nursery and Reception and we look forward to getting to know them.

 Kind regards,

 The EYFS Team